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Kerala is renowned internationally for its diverse and unique attractions.

Golden Beaches, Magical Backwaters, Refreshing Hill Stations, Rejuvenating Ayurveda, Exotic Art forms, Colourful festivals,
Delightful Cuisines, the list is endless.

Small wonder from the ‘National Geographic Traveller’ chose Kerala as one of the Ten Paradises of the World.

Words from the World:

“The Mecca of the oldest and holistic health system”Germany’s Largest selling travel magazine Geo Saison.

“Where India flows at a relaxed pace”New York Times.

“One of the best breakfasts of the world”Travel & Leisure.

“Truly God’s Own Country”Former Beatle, Sir Paul McCartney.


A deep Attraction into Kerala begins …


Tea plantations. Munnar, Kerala, India

A land of unexpected bounties, a veritable basket of tightly packed tea plantations, with fewer coconut trees glistens, the atmosphere. Yet the greens, is broken off by large boulders of rocks, giving the scenery a scenic misty atmosphere.

Occasionally, a dainty waterfall pours across the mountainy rocks, presenting its clear pure white water descending from the mountains. Stop for a view and smell in the ‘purest of pure’ fresh air.

The countryside boasts of ultimate shades of dark greens, light greens, and hues of greens. A winding road with various trees of blue and red gum trees, a huge beehive hanging from the tall mountain trees, the huge mountain squirrel is a marvellous site to see.


A strange exhilarating sensation fills you, as you step into the cold Arabian Sea and feel the gushing of the water against your soft feet. Spot the occasional grey dolphins swimming excitedly in the clear blue sea.

Take a boat ride to the middle of the ocean and catch a fish! Or simply relax around the scenery of the serene ocean.

Feel the white sandy beaches along-side the ocean. The children create fabulous sand castles while you sun bathe creating a soft warm tan.


“The Waters” famously known as the, Backwaters of Kerala. The waters have a calm and quietness that welcomes you to it. Brisk through the lush mangroves and especially for its exotic migratory birds and on the banks of these backwaters lays the famed Lotus.

These limpid backwaters remain an integral part of Kerala life. They originate as tumultuous foamy rivers in the high range mountains, then cascade down valleys and slopes, past plantations of tea, coffee, rubber and spices through fields of sugarcane and tapioca, and finally settle down near rich paddy rice fields, as placid lagoons and backwaters, behind the sea. The backwaters, for a navigable inland waterway is about 1920 kilometres in length.

A fascinating fact is that the people living along the banks of the backwaters, transport system is by boats only. They have a government boat to ferry the localites to and fro land and water. They transport all their daily food commodities by boat, there are no roadways for the people. This is an especially unique culture in Kerala of Alleppy.

Cruise the waters aboard the Kerala Houseboats for tourists.

The Houseboats are created from elephant grass and bamboos which keeps the houseboats cool and balanced. The houseboats are carefully designed with bedrooms and bathrooms fitted, turning into air-conditioned master bedrooms, with amazing serene water-facing view. A chef on board delights you with his fantasy meals from breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner…..innovating dishes to tantalize your palate.

As visitors visit the great Indian Elephant, he opens his greetings by welcoming you with a loud trumpet noise announcing “Namaskaram”. The sound is an expression of the emotional bond they share.

In Kerala, this relationship transcends the ordinary trainer-animal bond, and is one devotion, a binding together of destinies.

Climb up to the tower, as the elephant patiently waits for you to alight on to his back. As you are comfortable, the elephant and his owner, the mahout, start the indigenous trail around the courtyard or forests.


A The architecture of Kerala has been influenced by Dravidian and Indian Vedic architectural science known famously as Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra is over two millennium years old.

It is strongly believed that Vastu Shastra will always create wealth, health and prosperity for people visiting these monuments.

The Tantrasamuchaya, Thachu-Shastra, Manushyalaya-Chandrika and Silparatna are important architectural sciences, which have had a strong impact in Kerala Architecture style.

The Manushyalaya-Chandrika, a work devoted to domestic architecture is one such science, which has its strong roots in Kerala from the Royal Kings.

Many of the monuments of churches and museums have been crafted from the finest wood of India, which is a sight to see.

The architectural style has evolved from Kerala’s peculiar climate and long history of influences of its major maritime trading partners like Chinese, Arabs and Europeans.

A massage is a therapeutic system of healing. The process of healing occurs through the vast ages from Ayurveda, which is indigenous to Kerala.

Ayurveda has been mastered for more than 5000 years of constant learning and implementing. It has been created by Lord Brahma. “Ayu” is the sanskrit word for “Life” and “Veda” is for “Knowledge”. Therefore, combined together creates Ayurveda, which protect the quality and longevity of life.

The Ayurveda massage will be performed by physicians, to promote your health and cure diseases by balancing the five basic elements of your body – air, space, fire, water and earth. The doctor will assess you and then recommend which massage would be the best for your life longevity.

A seafood paradise!

The renowned river fish, The Pearl Spot is relished as healthy specimen of fish, because it does not contain mercury. This fish is one of the natural fishes to create intelligent brainy individuals. It is a light fish, which is savoured as fried or a curry. When prepared as curry the juices of the fish and gravy of the spices, relish the tongue with its medium spicy coconut nuance.

The next dish to indulge in, is the Tiger Prawns or Jumbo Prawns. On request, the chef would delightfully fill the giant prawns with a marinade of Indian spices (masalas) and barbeque or grill them in the green banana leaf. As you open the banana leaf, an aroma of flavours engulfs your senses. A sumptuous bite of the prawns draws you to Seventh Heaven!

Another dish to not miss is the calamari rings, which is drawn up in onions and green pepper corns to delight your sense of taste. Usually fried in, sesame oil or coconut oil as to your preference. The taste will never leave you, as it has been cooked to perfection. It does not feel rubbery at all.

All of these dishes are best accompanied with the soft breads, such as apaam, chapati, Kerala paratha, or naan.

As you divulge in the delicacies, do sip on the herbal hot water. The herbal water will heal your acidity in just one long sip. It is also very good to purify your whole body, for example, purify your blood, intestines, heart etc.

The various spices from around the world are grown in Kerala. The master chefs from the flamboyant restaurants across India and the Globe, carefully select their spices from the spice gardens of Kerala.

The spices which should be bought from Kerala, by-hook-or-by-crook, are Black Pepper, Cardomom, Bird’s eye chilli, Black chilli, Star Anise, Bay Leaf, and Cinnamon.

The extravagant beverages have been made with zero preservatives, Coffee, Tea – flavours of Vanilla, Chocolate and Masala.

Buying spices from Kerala, will add charm and flavours to your dishes back at home, creating you as a Masterchef.

The spices are really very economical to purchase from the local market in Tekkady.

As the government of Kerala, take pride in the natural beauty of its state, quite wisely given the name of “God’s own Country”, the resorts too are mastered in the same way.

Each place you would stay at, have been quite creatively established. The resorts selected by Let’s Go Kerala are elegance with grandeur.

The resorts have been reviewed by us from the highest level, which deliver on our number one basis of “Customer Centricity”. Each resort has outdone its deliverence of delighting customers from their warmth and welcome from the moment you step foot at entrance door, with a “Swagatham” which means Greetings to the highest level.

Each resort has a uniqueness and oneness which you must experience. Their flaunt their surroundings from amazing flora, fauna and spice gardens, creatively making a butterfly garden where you could adventure into, treehouses to enjoy your meals, swimming pool to relax your muscles, wooden sauna, simmering jacuzzi.


Kerala is known worldwide for Kathakali dance. Kathakali is an elegant classical dance form that utilizes detailed and stylized makeup and colorful costumes. The typical Kathakali costume includes a headgear, billowing skirt and plentiful decadent ornaments. During a typical performance, the artists play the role of mythological characters from Hindu epics such as Ramayana and Mahabharata.

The artists depict the entire story or a scene, from a mythological story, by making use of graceful movements of hands, eyes and legs.

The facial expressions of each dancer are thoroughly visible through their magnificent make-up. Something fascinating to watch is their eye and mouth concentration to the beat of each drum.

Props are used wherever necessary. Chenda (traditional drum) player, is accompanied by one or two singers, who narrate the story in the form of song. This completes a typical Kathakali performance.

During the show, the dancers often call visitors to participate in a certain dance or act, which brings much laughter and comedy into the play. The audience is ever-so-delighted to be a participant of the dance. An amazing moment is created when the dancers will allow you to take a picture with them at no extra cost.

Kalaripayattu the martial art form of Kerala is regarded as the oldest and most scientific of its kind in the world. As you enter the auditorium, there is a huge performing ground, lit up with almost 100 diyas (Indian candles) showcased in the corner of the ground, depicting honour to the Gods.

As the performers enter, they pray with all their heart. The artists begin……

Feats like chaattom (jumping), ottam (running), marichil (somersault) etc. are perfectly performed, followed by the lessons in the use of weapons such as daggers, swords, spears, maces, the bow and arrow and so on.

The best spectacle to see is, the Fight with Fire. Large and small rings are torched with burning fire…..with great pin-drop silence from the audience, the artists jump through the burning flame….. The crowd roars in extravagance and surprise!

A definite wonder of Kerala!

The elegance of the cotton, white sari with a golden border is sheer elegance with finesse to the Kerala women. Saris are best purchased from Cochin or the major metropolitan cities.

Kerala is the best place to buy Gold coins, biscuits, or jewellery, be sure that it should be from a government recognized company. Tourists will find the purest of gold with an amazing evergreen gold shine found only in the State of Kerala.



Fierce competitive boat races are conducted through Kerala. The boat is an intensely long canoe which is as long as an anaconda snake.

For months before the event, racing crews on the snake-boats, practice tirelessly, to become the champions fired by a competitive spirit that explodes on the great day. To the extravagant roar of a hundred thousand spectators from India and Global, begin their race.

Their snake-boats are slithered with oil, and they start. They slice down the way through the waters. The sun shines down on long brown hands flashing in spectacular rhythm of teamwork. The powerful thrusts of their oars into water, measuring an incredible two dips per second, blends with the lilting chant of the classic boat warriors ballad and sheer electricity crackles into the air.

The spectators are swept back into another age, when the same boats wizz pass them, across the waters in a quest of kingdoms to conquer.

Firstly to be a part of is, the Nehru Trophy Boat Race, happens on the second Saturday of every August. The race is conducted on the backwaters of Alleppy.

Secondly if you have missed the Nehru Boat Race, do experience, the Champakulam Boat Regatta on Pamba River around July.

Huge crowds come and cheer the boat racers; it is an amazing spectacle to experience firsthand. Never miss a boat race of Kerala!

Sitting on the balcony of your hotel, or experiencing the hues of the sunrise or sunset from your boat, will create the most romantic pleasure of an endowing site of rainbow colours in the bright blue sky.

The painted sky of reds, oranges, yellows, purples, blues and most dramatic, a blend of pinks, will bring an exotic silhouette of array of colours to your amazement.



Nestled in the luxuriant forests of the Western Ghats in Kerala are beautifully located on the banks of the lake in Tekkady, famously known as Periyar Tiger Reserve.

The range of animals, have been identified from tiger, boar, deer, elephant and many others!

Its an exciting experience as you, spot an animal, and all the people in the boat look excitedly to see! The waters are realy calm and you can feel the tranquillity of the atmosphere for about an hour’s ride.


As horizons correctly say, “the best of everything is best seen when it is at the highest!”

As you board the chopper at the Helipad, your adrenalin starts boosting. As you sit on your seat, your adrenal in creeps higher. As your chopper’s engines begin and your choppers blades rotate, your adrenaline is shouting with excitement! … and take off!

The astounding panoramic view of the world below, the greenery, the architecture, the mist around the mountains, the sunrise or sunset, and the tiny people wondering around is fabulous!

But the most thrilling feeling is, requesting the pilot if you could sit next to him! Take a view from Bird’s Eye View!

You are the King of the World!