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Starting journeying on tranquil waters of Kerala in a traditional houseboat for one night, makes it an experience never to forget of Kerala, a must! The Natural and local materials are used to construct the boat – indigenous bamboo wood, coir and palm fronds build up the boat leaving it with a marvelous state of mind to such pure creativity. The materials create a breezy feel and warm welcome look as a grand entrance.

Entering the boat on the deck gives a beautiful excitement of moving through with grace protruding the door and a dining room with comfy sofas, await with fresh welcome mocktails. There are either 2 or 3 bedrooms fully air-conditioned with soft double beds, in a softly-lit mesmerizing light, to give each couple their romantic moments together. Each room is equipped with a bathroom intact with all the necessary bath accessories.

As the boat leaves shore, the first feeling of relaxation, falls upon you sipping your mocktail on board, served by the crew. The serene sound of the gentle waters splashing against your boat, as you deeply intake the fresh unpolluted air, and bask in its atmosphere. While, the boat sails along through the canals and under the bridges exploring the people, houses and most importantly the free flowing water.

The morning dews leave you mesmerized as you quietly watch the tiny water droplets trickling down your bedroom window of the houseboat. As you come upon the deck, watch the fishermen out on their daily fishermen’s duty.Being a lover of fishing, then do get the crew on board to assist with a fishing rod to catch the fish of the day!The evenings are subdued with the highlights of the sky turning from sparkling orange to soft subtle hues of yellow as the sun sets into the horizon.On occasions, you may want to simply just absorb the warmth of the water in the Jacuzzi and gaze into the vast clear sky.

Sumptuous meals of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are prepared by the on board chef as to your request.



Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls

Aruvikkuzhi waterfalls is located 35 km from Kumarakom. The over 100 feet high water falls is a famous picnic spot. It falls in five steps and it is an ideal location to be photographed. Located amidst rubber plantations, the wooden landscape and the streams flowing down make the place one of the most picturesque waterfalls. If you love to trek, you can have a still greater time here. Yet another attraction here is the St. Mary’s Church, which is located at the top of Aruvikkuzhi waterfalls.


Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

The 14 acre bird sanctuary is the favorite spot for migratory birds from all parts of the world. It is situated on the banks of Vembanad Lake. The bird sanctuary houses a wide range of birds including cuckoo, water duck, owl, kingfishers, woodpeckers and egret. The migratory birds that attract attention include Siberian cranes, teal, wood beetle and many more. It is a birdwatchers’ paradise and you could make best use of your visit to this place by hiring houseboats and motorboats.


Kumarakom Backwaters

Kumarakom backwaters is a scenic place where you can enjoy the bliss of nature. It is home to a wide range of plants and animals. The best way to enjoy the beauty of Kumarakom backwaters is to go on a houseboat that takes you through various canals, lakes and river around here. The houseboats offer you the best possible facilities you need for a comfortable journey on water. Be a passive admirer by sailing along or indulge in various water sports such as skiing and wind sailing. You could get lucky if you attempt at fishing. 


Bay Island Driftwood Museum

Bay Island Driftwood Museum houses unique collections of articles made of driftwood. The driftwood articles are highly valued as modern art techniques have been used in their making. The sculptures found here are made of driftwood that were deposited on the shores of Andaman and Nicobar. The twisted trunks of the trees, roots and stumps were transformed into sculptures. Some sculptures resemble animals, fish and birds. Some driftwood articles could be centuries old as some of the trees that were washed away to the seashore owing to cyclones are ancient.


Vaikom Temple

Vaikom Mahadeva Temple is located around 18 km from Kumarakom and is closely associated with the legendary Parasurama. This temple is a typical example of the Kerala style of temple architecture. More popular as the Kasi of the South, this temple is famous for its elephant pageants and traditional art performances.